Sunday, 10 October 2010

Well this is my first blog, so here we go.
My name is Karen, I have my very own dream shop,that we opened in march 2009.Its full of alot of shabby chic furniture, bedding,soaps and my very own handpainted humours  and inspirational signs, they are my best sellers, even if our customers do not buy and just come in for a browse, its great to hear their laughter.
Our shop is a green corrigated tin shed just outside newquay in Wales, its in a village called Caerwedros,I have nothing around me except fields and cows and lovely views.Its funny to see people driving on their way to the beautiful beach of Cwmtydu or Newquay beach and then the brakes go on !!! not expecting to see a shop where we are.The men sometimes come in with a reluctant smile,saying why did you have to have a shop here, thinking they could get away without shopping ! lol
Still they have a good laugh when they walk around at my signs.
I am a big fan of the secret/and ask and it is given (by esther & Jerry hicks) Its because of them I am where i am today, I thank them both.

Anyway My beautiful dog Cara is due to have her pups (1st timer) and must get back to her , she is spoilt rotton,she has a sister called Tali , so I shall keep you all updated soon.

many thanks for taking the time to read.